Thank you for submitting information to advertise your share for sale, you now need to consider the pictures that may or may not already be on the web site, and, of course, pay for your advert.


If your boat already has a page here (link opens new window)
on this site and you are happy with the pictures click here

(or if you want to change just SOME of them)



If your boat does not have a page, or you wish to add your own pictures please read the comments below:-

Please read ALL of this page VERY carefully before moving forward.

At the very bottom of this page are links to the payment pages.

Adding pictures of your boat

The next thing you need to do is to send us an e-mail (if the link does not work just mail and put the boat name as subject line (boatshare e-mail address is a bit flaky at times)) with the name of your boat and a maximum of ten pictures, preferably some outside and some inside the boat, as attachments, if you don't want to send some pictures don't worry, but it will stand a better chance of selling with some! Make sure in the body of the message you include the name of your boat. 

The above e-mail address is for sending the pictures to ONLY and should not be used for general correspondence

If you send us pictures, please ensure that the images are each sent as separate items one image per e-mail, do not send one large image as a collage, or send them as part of a word document, or whatever. Just simple attachments and if possible as .jpg's.  

So send us an e-mail and then return here afterwards.

A special note about pictures: - Time and time again we are sent pictures that have been lifted from a commercial operators web site. We check every picture we use as best we can to ensure this has not happened. Unless you personally took the pictures that show on your commercial operators web site then we cannot, by law, use them, they are covered by copyright. Please do not waste your time and mine by sending them, or sending them doctored. Send some of your own (with people in, that is fine) either by e-mail, or by ordinary post, where we can scan and return.

It should be noted that we regard copyright on any picture(s) you send us as having been passed over to us. This means that we can not only use your pictures in your advert, but any subsequent advert(s) placed by other vendors, and use the pictures generally around the site as we set fit. If you do not agree to this then once your advert has been removed (by virtue of sale or expiry) then you should ask us to take down your pictures.

Pictures MUST feature the boat or be relevant (e.g. picture of the mooring in marina) and not be "just very nice canal pictures".

If you do not have any pictures to send please send us an e-mail using this link.


Your advert will NOT go live on the site until you have approved it.

Keep an eye on your e-mails over the next few days and you will be sent a link to your advert for you to then check that all is well. Let me know of any final changes, or not, and it will THEN go out to all. An e-mail is also sent to those on my mailing list who have expressed an interest in buying a share.

(NB Should you fail to get back to me then it MIGHT go live without your approval)

The final stage, now, is to pay for your advert. 

To pay for your advert you should follow the links below, (these pages are not linked from the main site, therefore you should carefully follow the links below, using "back" on your browser if you make a mistake).

Pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer , or pay by credit card or PayPal

Thanks again, and good luck with your advert.