Advertising your share (part two)

This section is all about your actual boat, where, if there is a page already created (don't worry if it looks totally different, they are being migrated over to this new format once they are re-used) then actually you can almost skip this page and go to the next one, the only questions you need answer are the boat name, if a page already exists, and the mooring location.

You can see if there is a page already by following this link (Link opens a new page) Look for a blue box/link against your boat's name. 

The rest, if you are happy with what is already written on the old advert, you can leave, or change as you prefer. 

Remember, if there is a page already give boat name, say if there is a page already and give mooring and if everything else on the old advert is OK just hit submit to move to the next section.

You need to look in the craft section to see if there is a page already
Please state marina address where the boat is returned to each week for handover. If always remote just state NONE.
As a group is a management company employed by you at all?
E.G. BCBM, Carefree, Ownashare, JD Boat Services etc.
NOTE: Even if one person has say three shares if it is nominally 12 state 12
If not know state approx.
Please state in FEET if known
Ignore if a narrow boat
If known, and age, if known
Steel and fit: - If known
If fixed and make-up state as say 2 + 4
e.g. Replica Dutch Barge, Broads Cruiser e.g.
PLEASE just stick to the facts. Do not mention and school holidays options here.
If some shares have a special option to guarantee school holidays state how many and how this is arranged here.
If you want to add a video for your boat just say so here and I will get back to you on it.
e.g. Starting at the semi-trad rear deck....down the stairs to the main bedroom with fixed double...

Now Hit Submit Above.... be taken to the page where you will enter the specific details of your share for sale